Interracial Gay couple living in Japan marry in California


Two men who have been together for more than three decades have finally made the decision to marry in California, USA. Dale Green and Takashi Nakaya have been living together in Japan and over the past 30 years made a life for themselves doing various jobs. However when Green, 85, became horribly ill, their situation took a turn for the worse. Not being a Japanese national or resident, Green had limited access to medical help with his condition. As a result, the Korean war veteran was forced to return to the United States to receive treatment.

With no signs of the 85 year old’s conditioning improving, his partner Nakaya had to return home to tend to matters in Japan. LGBTQ Nation reports that the couple has been communicating via video messaging and despite the separation, their bond has remained stronger than ever.

The grave illness prompted a beside marriage when Nakaya came back to visit his sick partner. Japan still does not allow same sex marriages so the elopement was of extra importance. Although the pair felt that there already married in their eyes, the legal recognition bring extra comfort to the couple who is going through such a hard time

Support from all over the world has poured in for Green and Nakaya, who remain in limbo on where to have Green spend the remainder of his life. The couple’s home is in Japan so the ideal situation would be for Green to return to his home, however his condition makes it nearly impossible for him to leave the hospital. Various friends in the community have lent out assistance from flights to Japan to room and board for the couple in California.

Despite Green’s heath continuing to create challenges, he and Nakaya stay strong and positive in part from all the support from the community. Nakaya is quoted saying; “All I can say is WOW! There are still good people in the world, we are more than blessed and so very touched” Gay in Japan send their support for the couple and wish them the best in this challenging time. Read more from LGBTQ Nation here