Homemade Kawaii Laptop Case

Laptop Case

Being a web designer, Toppin literally lives off of his computer.  An essential tool that rarely leaves his side, his laptop is almost an extension of himself. As such, he wanted to make sure that it would pop and express his amazing style whenever seen. The design he ended up creating is nothing short of classic Toppin. The collage of seemingly random artifacts join to create a unique and fun case.

Laptop Case

A truly original design, Toppin was inspired by all the random thoughts that flood his mind while he works. His obsession for everything cute and decora gave him the influence to create the one of a kind case. Starting out with a simple plastic case, he knew he would need something to work as a base. He then added mixed hot glue and piled on layers to create a crazy texture. Something like ice cream or pink frosting, the thick application give the case character and protection.

He then added different toys and decorations that expressed different levels of cute. The various dolls play on his love of playing with them when he was younger. The googly eyes bring motion and sound providing some extra flare. The case came together after a couple hours of applying and drying, with a finished product in just one night.


Combing function with fashion, Toppin created something that no one else has. His unique style and personality shine through and the case works to display some of his creativity. The case adds a little extra bulk than most store-bought ones, but the thickness actually protects quite well. The colors and the wildness come together for something absolutely kawaii!