Calling All Spirits

Toppin Nail Art

Halloween is approaching! As tribute we take a look back at one of Toppin’s darker designs, perfect for the season!

For this look Toppin was inspired by the mysterious Ouija board. Despite not being big on superstitions, he was always curious about the stories that surrounded the portal for contacting spirits. After doing some research, he thought up a design that is consistent yet  uniquely Toppin.

Using black nail polish as a base, he layered on details that continued the theme. Toppin hand painted all the different elements seen on his nails. From a hand to contact the spirits, to the crystals that are often associated with the occult. The pentagram on his thumb was enhanced by some custom detailing that he decided to add last-minute.

After the painting and detailing was complete, in true Toppin form, he added some 3D elements with some charms he picked up in Harajuku. The little gold pieces are actually studs typically used on clothing that he altered to work for his nails. The two round charms are beads that he glued on for pop of color and texture.

Toppin Nail Art
The black background makes the white and gold detailing really pop.

The complete look only took about two hours with stops in between to dry the coats. The nails are stunning and all the different elements bring the whole theme together. This is an older design of Toppin’s, but as Halloween comes, we will keep an eye out for what he comes up with next!