Japanese Uni Student Visits Mississippi To Learn About LGBTQ Issues


In honor of LGBT history month, a number of people representing several educational institutions gathered in Mississippi to discuss the ongoing challenges that face LGBTQ people globally. The gathering marks the beginning of a month-long celebration with events held almost daily.

During the opening ceremony the MC stressed the importance of acceptance of all in the community. Although places like Mississippi are infamous for their lack of acceptance of all Gay people, Queer and Trans individuals face the harshest discrimination. With the recent bathroom laws that leave Trans and Queer people feeling like second-class citizens, many feel that the worst is yet to come.

The celebration was held last week at the Farrington Gallery of Bryant Hall in Mississippi, attracting people from various countries. One university student from Japan found the event particularly moving. Claire Takahashi is a sophomore who made the journey to Mississippi to gather further insight on the issues surrounding the global LGBTQ community.

Takahashi stated to DM Online; “There are not many events for LGBT people in Japan, so this is a good chance for me to learn.” The lack of resources and information for LGBT people in Japan remains scarce, especially when compared to similarly developed countries. Takahashi’s journey to the States shows a desire from younger Japanese to learn more about LGBT people.

Despite Japan’s general lack of acceptance for its LGBT citizens, the overall outlook for the future of LGBT people remains positive. As more and more Japanese LGBT and allies attend events that honor and recognize all LGBTQIQA individuals, they will further the trend of LGBT acceptance throughout Japan.

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