Rakuten Adds To List Of Employers Offering Inclusive Benefits For Employees

Gay in Japan

Global news blog employeebenefits.uk reports that Japanese e-commerce giant, Rakuten is joining the growing number of companies in Japan to provide inclusive benefits to its workers. This action was met with great praise as Rakuten tries to pave the way for an open and inclusive Japan.

The plan to extend it’s spousal benefits to the partners of LGBT employees has been in the works for some time. The executive board approved the final plan in June and it is now active as of August. This is seen as a big step by Rakuten, who finds themselves amidst a recent surge in LGBT acceptance in Japan. Although they admit that Japan still has a long way to in terms of LGBT acceptance, executives at Rakuten believe that the country is making steady progress to full fledged LGBT acceptance.

The move by Rakuten also comes as a sign of hope for many of Japan’s LGBT people. As the list of LGBT-friendly businesses and companies continues to grow, individuals can actively see the changes that are happening in their country. With the fear of discrimination from employers slowly diminishing, Japanese LGBT, especially youth, can look forward to a brighter and accepting future.

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