HRW Reports: LGBT Awareness In Schools Should Rise


Human Rights Watch recently wrote about a rare opportunity to implement LGBT awareness in schools nationwide. This comes as the Japanese government takes a routine look at the country’s curriculum.

Kanae Doi from HRW was part of an early report that was covered in August. Doi, along with others from HRW went around Japan and interviewed several LGBT students. The results were almost consistently negative, with many students desperately seeking more quality information on LGBT people and the surrounding issues.

As a result, Doi and her colleagues found further evidence of how under-represented the LGBT community is in Japan. The students they spoke with simply wanted to learn more and from unbiased sources. Unsurprisingly, Trans youth and Gender Queer youth voiced a particular discontent to HRW, with bulling at deadly levels.

With this, the HRW compiled the data and released a report as well as a series of comics to help relate to younger readers in Japan. The information gathered by HRW points to a clear need for better LGBT acceptance in Japan. Doi feels that the government officials should use the chance of educational reform to bring better inclusion for all people in Japan.

Doi mentions that there have been some steps taken to bring an awareness of LGBT issues to educators, with officials becoming more involved in global LGBT events. Seeing these steps towards more inclusion, Doi does not want to miss the window for adding LGBT related studies in Japanese schools.

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