Seeing Silver


Toppin is off to Hong Kong!

In preparation for his trip, he changed up his look for this week. A much more mellow and simple design, Toppin used a grey and black color scheme to give his nails a subtle flair.

For this look he decided to stay away from decorative detailing such as charms and stickers and stuck with polish only.

Using a metallic silver base, he applied multiple layers to provide durability and vibrant color. After letting the silver polish dry for a few hours, he hand painted the geometric patterns using a fine tipped nail polish pen he picked up in Shibuya.

The patterns were inspired by the bohemian trend that has been popular at festivals and parties. He used some temporary tattoos as reference to get the shapes and patterns.

This weeks design is simple and stunning. He wanted something that was more mellow for HK, but that still represented his style. This look goes to show Toppin’s range on designs and ideas. Super Kawaii! Enjoy Hong Kong, more from Toppin next week!

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