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Founded in 2016, Gay in Japan strives to be the leading English language website that brings news and resources to the LGBT community in Japan and beyond. Based out of Tokyo and San Francisco, Gay in Japan has a multi-national and cross-cultural approach to addressing the issues that face Queer people in Japan.

Gay in Japan brings experiences from Japanese nationals and expats alike, offering complete insight into the rapidly changing world of the country’s LGBT community.We are proud to support our global LGBT community and hope that by connecting the world to LGBT issues, we can remind all that it is OK to be Gay in Japan.

Site Content

Gay in Japan owns all of the content not cited. This includes all images, logos, and designs. Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited without written consent.

Our Writers

As the product of collaboration between international friends, Gay in Japan is supported by a diverse mix of members from Japan’s LGBT community. Our writers use first hand accounts and experiences from daily life as a gay person living in Japan and create content and stories that provide insight for those curious about life for LGBT people in Japan.

Gay in Japan is committed to maintaining a broad coverage of issues surrounding Japan’s LGBT community. Our writers make the best attempt to publish content that reflects all aspects of LGBT life. We are always looking for new ideas for topics. If you have a suggestion, let us know so we can try and check it out. Please contact us for more information and for writing opportunities.

Travel Tips

With the steady rise of international tourism to Japan, there are more and more websites dedicated to providing travelers with information on how to make the most of your journey abroad. As the increase continues, so does the need for niche-specific sites to help filter through endless pages of content. Because of this, Gay in Japan is proud to offer travel advice and tips for those interested in Japan’s gay community.

Offering information to all people, LGBT and allies, we focus on Japan’s Gayborhoods and activities in the surrounding areas. Tips and reviews are based on our first hand accounts in order to provide the most accurate and thorough information possible.

Disclaimer: Our content is intended for informational purposes only and Gay in Japan is not affiliated with or endorsed by the establishments we review. We offer our tips to the global community simply to provide better insight for those interested in experiencing life being Gay in Japan.

Live Beyond Borders and Labels

Gay in Japan is proud to be the first English content website with news and resources dedicated to the entire LGBT community in Japan. As our name suggests, Gay in Japan is all about celebrating and honoring the lives of Gay people in Japan. As such, it is important to note the various labels and names that surround the community. Although our name is Gay in Japan, we strive to offer an inclusive coverage of all the issues that affect the community.

In Japan the LGBT community and the issues facing them are still widely unknown. In particular, issues facing Trans and Queer individuals are still foreign to average Japanese citizens. The common labels of “Gay” and “LGBT” are still the predominate terms used to address all in the community in Japan. Terms such as Trans and Queer are still not used in daily conversation and because of this, we chose the name Gay in Japan.

Taking Gay and using it as an umbrella term to encompass the entire LGBT community is in no way meant to exclude anyone from the community and is simply being used as a straightforward title to help identify our focus. We are proud to serve all the LGBTQIQA+ people of the world. If you have any comments or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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