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Stories that celebrate Japan's diverse LGBT community

Get to know our community! Gay in Japan showcases experiences from LGBT people as they go through daily life. Covering a wide variety of topics, our blog has something for everyone. As a community resource Gay in Japan is committed to providing inclusive content, so drop us a line and let us know if you have any suggestions for future topics or themes!


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Out in Japan

Gay in Japan

Out With… Ryu

We recently met up with Ryusuke Kawahara in Kawasaki, Japan. Coming from a mixed race background, Ryu has a unique experience as a Gay person in Japan. His mother is Filipino and his father...
Becky LGBT Japan

Out With… Becky

Gay in Japan recently sat down with Rebecca Beardsley, an ESL teacher living on Iki island in Nagasaki prefecture. Originally from the Bay area in CA, she moved to Japan after college to begin...
Gay in Japan

We Want You!

Share With Us Gay in Japan is now online! Thank you to all who made it possible! We are now looking for ideas for new topics as we continue to create more great content. Gay in...
out in japan

Out in Japan

The degrees of being out in Japan vary greatly between Japanese nationals and expats. For most expats, there are already difficulties simply for being “other”. Racial biases and fears from Japanese, often leave expats...

Super Kawaii!

Gay in Japan

Seeing Silver

Toppin is off to Hong Kong! In preparation for his trip, he changed up his look for this week. A much more mellow and simple design, Toppin used a grey and black color scheme to...
Toppin Nail Art

Calling All Spirits

Halloween is approaching! As tribute we take a look back at one of Toppin's darker designs, perfect for the season! For this look Toppin was inspired by the mysterious Ouija board. Despite not being big...
Laptop Case

Homemade Kawaii Laptop Case

Being a web designer, Toppin literally lives off of his computer.  An essential tool that rarely leaves his side, his laptop is almost an extension of himself. As such, he wanted to make sure...
Toppin's Nail Art

I’ve got my eye on you

A little something different This style is truly unique! Inspired by random thoughts that pass through one's mind on a given day, this mix of images comes together to create a captivating pattern that demands...
Toppin's Nail Art

Betty Boop Realness

Since Toppin's nails are an expression of his feelings, he often changes the theme several times a week. All the reapplying and alterations may seem like a lot of work, but by enlisting the...

Gayming and More

Gay in Japan

Trans-positive manga released in Japan

Foreign Policy spoke about a Trans-friendly manga stirring up conversation. The manga tells the story of a pair of Trans youth, highlighting a multi-gender experience. The characters face the struggles of being in the...

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